Brought to you by the guys behind Massanzug-online and Massjeans-online, MarkFits is THE HOTTEST new online brand for made-to-measure fashion.

Our aim is to bring out true rhythm of your natural sensitivity. Through MarkFits we hope to inspire individuality, and help you see beyond stereotypes.

Although MarkFits was incorporated in 2015, the seeds of the company were sown ten years ago when Mark got a call from a customer wanting us to make them the perfect jeans. Through the experience our business had with custom-made suits and shirts, we knew that this was going to be a fantastic challenge. The jeans’ business at that time was something totally new to us, so the project was really interesting.

From 2007 to 2009, we prototyped more than a hundred different jeans in our workshop, and obtained invaluable first-hand feedback from friends and the first customers from a shop in Bern, with which we worked in close cooperation. Over time, our jeans just got better and better. By the end of 2009 we decided to sale our custom-made jeans under the label massjeans-online.ch

For the last two years, we have directed our focus on even better customization and high-quality denim fabrics. We are now working with the best denim fabrics from Japan, Italy and USA. We have invested over 1,000 hours of research to develop the perfect cut and the best possible fit. MarkFits cares about every little detail. We even place the back pockets individually and exactly to your body measurements or your favourite jeans’ measurements.


with the new Jeans Label MarkFits and for us to become the biggest custom-made clothing company in the world. For true, handmade custom clothing, you can trust MarkFits to bring you a comprehensive collection of jeans, shirts, jackets, suits and coats, all custom-crafted and hand-made just for you. Separate yourself from the crowd with our custom, hand-sewn cloth. Let your own style show through!

Innovative fits and styles in the finest fabrics. We, the owners, staff, and friends are part of a small community of designers and highly skilled tailors dedicated to handcrafting the world's finest clothing

Jeans, shirt and suit shopping - we know that for many of you it's right up there with a trip to the dentist and hair removal on the pleasure scale. We've found a way to avoid the frustration and discomfort of pulling up, squeezing in, and yanking on a load of clothes as you try to find something that fits 'just so'.

MarkFits is sold exclusively through our webshop and selected boutiques around the world. Our designs, photo-shoots and administration are done by our team of experienced professionals in the heart of Switzerland. We buy only best denim and other fabrics from around the globe. Our jeans, shirts, suits and coats are painstakingly and lovingly created by master tailors in Ho Chi Minh City, who are much more than just our staff, they are the backbone of our company. They can and will provide you with a perfect fit every time, ensuring you are well-dressed from morning to night.

We have the knowledge and experience to make you look and feel amazing.

The Team

Mark Stettler, Founder
Huong Stettler, Design
Patrice Grünig, Photographer
Nick Vo, Quality Control