These are the most frequently asked questions about MarkFits. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us here.


Do you ship globally?
Yes, we do! MarkFits offers free shipping via Air Mail worldwide on all orders above $300 USD. IIf your total order sum is less than $300 USD, our shipping has a cost of $20 USD. At checkout you will be presented with the options available for you. Read here more about shipping

When will i receive my order?

For fabric samples, it takes within 2-7 days after ordering, depends on your domicile.
As all of our garments are made from scratch, orders will arrive approximately 4-5 weeks from when the order is placed and confirmed. Express production is absolutely possible. Please choose at the order checkout the option "Express-Delivery".

Are there any taxes or customs duties that I need to pay?

For orders to be delivered within Switzerland all taxes and VAT are included in the price. For deliveries outside of Switzerland, local taxes and/or VAT can be charged by the customs and are not included in the price. If that is the case, please pay the invoice and send us a digital copy of the invoice by email (info@markfits.ch). We will refund 100 % of the value by a voucher.

How do I order a pair of jeans or shirt?

Choose an existing fabric and design and customize it the way you like. We offer unique features like the cut, fit, collar, thread, buttons and rivets, pockets styles etc....
If you like the garment as shown in the photo, then you can also put the jeans or shirt directly into the shopping cart ( "Add to cart").

I would like to change the garment slightly, can I do this?

Of course you can! If you would like to alter an existing garment to suit your taste, then simply select the Product and click on "CUSTOMIZE NOW".

I have a special request that doesn\'t appear on your website, can you help me?

Yes, we are happy to help. Just contact us and describe the design and denim/ fabric in detail, and attach a picture of it if possible.

Why should I choose custom made?

Custom made essentially means designed by you and made for you. The design of the garment is made to your specifications using your measurements. No worrying about having the same jeans or shirt as everyone else BUT also knowing you have something unique and tailored for you.

Can I really measure myself accurately?

Yes! It is not a difficult process at all. Our step-by-step measurement process is designed in a way that anyone can accurately measure themselves, with the help of a friend, in 10 minutes. Our instructions and photos will guide you through the process. Here you get more informations about Measurments.

Can I send you my jeans or shirt to be measured for me?
Yes. Firstly, choose and/or customize your garment and then click on the measurement process on "MAIL US YOUR JEANS OR SHIRT TO BE COPIED". Please go then through the chechout process. Simply pack then your garment and send it to the following address. Please ensure your name and return address are clearly marked. Also, it is critical that you have made an order before sending the package.

Creative-M Ltd.
Junkermattstrasse 4a
4800 Zofingen

How do I re-order an item? How do I order with the same measurements?

This is a simple one: just write us a mail to info@markfits.ch and we provide you the new order.

Can you deliver within a given deadline?
If you need your order in a hurry for a given date, please e-mail us at info@markfits.ch with information about your deadline.

Can you make clothes for bigger guys?
Of course! As long as we have your measurements, we\'ll make you something stylish and comfortable, regardless of your size. After all, that\'s the beauty of custom-made.


What kind of denims and fabrics do you use for your jeans and shirts?
Only premium quality fabrics! MarkFits offers top quality fabrics from around the world. We work with leading mills in the USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, England...

I\'d like to see a particular fabric in person. Can you send me fabric swatches?
Sure! We can send you up to 5 swatches. Just send us a message or email us at info@markfits.ch letting us know what you\'d like to see and where we should send them.



What are the differences between your fit and cut options for the jeans? Which one is right for me?
At the core of made-to-measure clothing are the CUT and FIT. The cut defines the lower part of the jeans, from the knee down to the cuff. The fit stands for the upper part, from the waistband until the knee.
Which Fit and Cut suits your body the best, depends on your bodyshape. Please read more about it here:
Fit & Cut
Women\'s jeans: Which cut and fit suit me?
Men\'s jeans: Which cut and fit suit me?

I\'m concerned that my measurements won\'t be correct. Should I get measured at a professional tailor?
We know that getting your own measurements taken may seem daunting, but with the help of a friend and our measurement guide, it\'s actually quite easy and fun. So, there\'s no need to get measured at a professional tailor. Furthermore, we review every customer\'s measurements thoroughly to ensure that nothing seems off. If something does, we\'ll reach out and ask you to re-measure particular areas. No matter what, we\'ve got you covered.

What I ordered doesn\'t seem to fit right, what should I do?
Don\'t worry! Just send us a message letting us know what the issues are. We\'ll ask for some photos of you and once we have them, we\'ll provide an objective second opinion on how your garment fits. Remember, when you look good, we look good. We\'re on the same team, so rest assured that we\'ll work with you to make sure you\'re 100% happy with your custom-made clothes.

Should I get any alterations made once I receive my suit?
The majority of our customers are more than happy with the fit and cut of of their MarkFits jeans and shirt when it first arrives. If you feel you do require some alterations take your garment to your local tailors to make your adjustments and then contact us within 20 days of receiving your order and we will reimburse you. You can find out more about our Perfect Fit Guarantee here.

What if my jeans or shirt doesn\'t fit me to my satisfaction?
As long as you have provided us with the correct measurements, your garment will fit you perfectly. If you feel the item has not been made to the correct measurements, design or fabric then please email us info@markfits.ch.